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【www.airforce.forces.gc.ca网站的description和keywords】 The mission of Royal Canadian Air Force is to generate and maintain combat capable, multi-purpose, air forces to meet Canada's defence objectives. An Air Force based on excellence and professionalism, equipped, trained and ready to prevail in combat, with the reach and power to effectively contribute to national and international security.Royal Canadian Air Force, Air Force, Canada's Air Force,CAF, Chief of the Air Force, Air Shows, Aircraft, Air Force Operations and Training, News Room, Air Force Structure, Air Force Purpose, Air Force History, Re-enrol, Air Force Recruiting, Our People, Wings and Squadrons, Central Band, Flight Safety, Snowbirds, Maple Flag, Chief of the Air Staff      首次SEO查询时间:2019-07-08 01:12:18   信息最后更正时间:2016-08-05 06:51:47   查询次数:188
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